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Fertigation Systems

Fertigation Systems in Cape Coral FL
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Fertigation Systems

Envision a beautiful, lush garden that seems to grow all on its own. Did you know that within just a few short months, you could be using 100% certified organic fertilization through your existing irrigation system?

Nutritionists, doctors, and dieticians tell you to eat six small meals throughout the day rather than three big ones. Fertigation systems work in much the same way. Placing organic fertilizer throughout your landscapes by using your irrigation system provides nutrients on a consistent basis every day, rather than just 3-4 times per year. Your gardens, plants, and lawn receive the nutrients they need in small, consistent amounts. The two gallon tank we install fits inside your existing valve box; the organic fertilizer is easily replenished, about once per month.

Rather than fertilizing a few times a year – like many companies tell you to do – fertilize each time your sprinkler system comes on, and feed your plants small meals they can easily absorb. As water runs through your irrigation pipes, the fertigation system shoots out a very small amount of fertilizer made from seaweed. Your plants and vegetation absorb 99.99% of the nutrients in this fertilizer, as compared with 20% of conventional fertilizer. Imagine the difference this could make in your yard!           

Have you ever noticed the chemical smell of traditional fertilizer? Because organic fertigation systems emit a small amount of fertilizer each day, it does not smell at all! You can provide fertilizer to your plants all year long without environmentally hazardous run-off or potentially harmful chemicals in close proximity to your home or family.


Fertigation Systems


Fertigation Systems in Cape Coral FL
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